Five Things You Should Never Say to a Translator

It’s likely that the first time you get in touch with a translator to learn about his or her services, or simply end up talking to one for whatever reason, that you won’t know much about the work a translator does. You don’t need to feel bad; it’s normal. However, if you want to avoid stepping in…to a sticky situation, take a look at this list of five things you should never say to a translator. These are statements and questions that tend to annoy us quite a bit. Read on to find out why.

Email Marketing Class on Offer at Skillshare

A little while back, the educational video platform Skillshare got in touch with me.  They offered to let me teach an online marketing class through their website and, although at first I had some doubts (did I know enough? Would I be able to produce decent quality video classes?), in the end I decided I was up for it.

Copyediting: What is it and what is it not?

When you hire a copyeditor, you might have various questions about exactly what type of service you will receive. Does it include proofreading? Is the editor going to “crimp my style?” Will I have the final say? These questions are just a few examples of the ones that could be on your mind.

How to Search for a Translator on

Some time ago, I published an entry on this blog in which I proposed different options for how to find a good translator on the Internet. Among them was one of the best known among translators, interpreters, and agencies, but with which many potential direct clients are not familiar: the website

Where do you find a good translator?

At some point you may need the services of a translator, interpreter or other language professional. It’s posible you won’t even know where to start when that time comes. Don’t worry; it’s going to be fine. If you’ve never needed these services, it’s normal to be in this situation. Below I’ll try to tackle the problem of finding a good translator in the gigantic labyrinth that is the Internet.

E-commerce: The Importance of Translation

In this day and age, there’s no room for doubt regarding the growing relevance of e-commerce. This is a sector worth billions of euros and, although it is developing more slowly in Spain than in other countries, that figure is increasing every year. More and more, e-commerce companies are recognizing the importance of having an online presence in serveral languages, and that automated or botched translation won’t cut it. A professional and specialized translation service is a must.