Email Marketing Class on Offer at Skillshare

A little while back, the educational video platform Skillshare got in touch with me.  They offered to let me teach an online marketing class through their website and, although at first I had some doubts (did I know enough? Would I be able to produce decent quality video classes?), in the end I decided I was up for it.

The result is an email marketing class entitled Email Marketing Writing for Beginners: Types and Techniques. Let me tell you a little more about it. As I said, I had doubts as to whether I was the right person for the job.  It’s true that I know a thing or two about online marketing, but I hardly consider myself an expert in the field. After turning it over a few times in my head and getting some useful advice from friends, family, and the Skillshare team, I came to the conclusion that I do have certain skills that could be useful to others. I remembered how lost I was when I first started working on my own, and thought, why not? I could offer some advice to freelancers and small business owners looking to take their first steps into email marketing. It was clear to me that the tone ought to be straightforward and that I shouldn’t overload the course with too much content, so I decided to focus on three basic types of advertising emails: – Ad hoc emails: this is the name I use in the class for emails regarding a specific offer, a message asking for more information, and so on. – Newsletters: that is, regular emails for subscribers already interested in your products or services. – Emails introducing your products or services: the first contact with your potential customer, when you’re writing to show what you have to offer. Does that sound interesting? Well, here you can watch the introductory video of the class for free and here you can get two free* months of premium subscription with no obligation. Oh! And you can also follow my profile. Thanks very much! *Tip: take full advantage of the free trial period, as it gives you unlimited access to all the contents of the platform. If you think it’s worth continuing with a paid subscription, great! If not, remember to cancel your Premium subscription before the two months are up. 😉