Do you need help with a specialized text? Your best option is to employ the services of a professional translator with expertise in that subject. You will receive in-depth consultation on your project, answers to all your questions and results that meet your expectations (or that even exceed them). My specialties are as follows:

No matter the category to which your project belongs, you will be working with a professional translator with knowledge of these specialized fields and will receive a product adapted to the context of each project employing the relevant terminology… All focused on one main objective: communication.


If you have an online store, a blog for sales purposes, etc., and want to make it available in more than one language, your best option is to seek the services of a translator with experience in e-commerce.

Whether your project consists of particular product categories and descriptions or if you’re looking for the translation of an entire online store, blog, etc., you can jump into the international market with confidence not only on a linguistic level, but also regarding adjustments made for the sake of cultural proficiency and the right keywords used for good SEO (search engine optimization)… In short, you’ll have the personalized attention you desire to meet all your needs.


Marketing-related content may be some of the most diverse: printed or online brochures, online marketing, market research… However, all draw upon the same specific knowledge that can be applied to any category.

A trustworthy marketing translator should be familiar with the jargon used in this milieu, as well as with the types of documents such as surveys and performance analyses. In addition to all the above, nowadays online marketing is more important than ever, and knowledge of the particularities of such diverse industries such as tourism, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment is imperative.


Technical translation requires a very high level of terminological precision that only a professional with knowledge and experience in the field can guarantee. One must also be able to complete complex projects and implement effective time management skills.

As with other specialties, the translation and proofreading of technical texts covers a wide range of topics: computing accessories, software localization, user manuals, etc.


Are you looking for a literary translator or proofreader? You need a professional who can identify elements such as tone, meaning, and the author’s intended readership, among others, and transfer those into the target language.

A good literary translator or proofreader is familiar with different types of texts (novels, stories, folk tales…), as well as with specific qualities associated with copy editing and proofreading. One must also have experience working with other materials related to the publishing world, such as author interviews and book reviews.


One of the most important skills when it comes to localizing video games and board games is creativity. Games tend to pose challenges such as space limitations, specific terms whose relevance has to be transferred to the target culture without losing its original meaning, and more.

In the case of video games, there are often technical complications that the translator has to know how to handle.

For optimal results, trust a professional with training and experience in video game and board game localization.